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Dressage Training
Dressage Training Dressage Training

Dressage: a French term, originating from the word dresser, most commonly translated to mean training.

Today, dressage is most often equated with the wonderful and beautiful ballet of horse and rider, often observed in its higher forms in Olympic or FEI competition, or as pre-cursor training to that most demanding of equine sports - the Jumper. But in its fundamental meaning, dressage simply means training or schooling.

In the latter context, all horses need "dressage", regardless of what aspiration they have been assigned to.

The concept (and necessity) of muscular development and suppleness, moving in a balanced and responsive way, are requirements of any discipline. It is these precepts that Denis Simard has developed the Dressage START™ program, utilizing SATS™ communication technology to achieve those goals.

Indeed, Dressage START™ has opened the world of competitive dressage to horses who had not previously aspired or trained to that discipline, but the fundamentals are equally applicable to the western and pleasure disciplines.