Turn out the lights, shut the barn door…
We are officially closed until further notice, while we transfer to another state.

We present the following coming events

Coming Soon

There are no events scheduled at this time. Please contact us for rental availability.

Past Events

June 4 & 5, 2011:
"Is Your Horse Bombproof & Ready For Action?"
September 8 & 9, 2007:
SATS® level 3 & 4, Certification Series with Kayce Cover.
September 10-14, 2007:
SATS® Certification Camp and Tests with Kayce Cover.
SATS ® Spoken Here!!
These Friends and Affiliates have staff onboard who Speak SATS. They can Name and Explain™ things for animals, helping them to understand and cope with events and experiences. They can also communicate non-verbally using Touch™, and give support even from hundreds of feet away, using Support and Success Signals™.