A Clean Well Lighted Place for your horse and you.
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Indoor stalls
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For your horse
Indoor stalls are available, each measuring 12'x12' in their standard configuration, with or without adjoining paddock. Each is fitted with automatic paddle waterers, light, and rear dutch doors. 

Horses in Pasture Pasture Oaks
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Pasture is also available, with grassed paddocks of approximately one acre each, which can be subdivided to any suitable size with portable fencing.

For you
A heated tack room complete with saddle racks, bridle hangers and storage cabinet. Restroom and hot water round out the convenience.

A Member of The Family
Many desire care and management that is beyond simply a place for their horse to live. For these requirements we provide service "programs" that include various levels of care above-and-beyond simple boarding. In becoming "a member of the family", your horse receives care and management similar to our own horses. Scheduled worming, veterinary care, supplemental feed, and grooming are just some of the added value that can be packaged for long-term care of your equine companion.
We are currently offering retirement, lay-up, and starting programs. »
SATS® Spoken Here!
Get your young horse started or improve on established skills. Denis Simard is a SATS®-certified trainer who can help you develop superior, cooperative communication with your horse to learn skills and movements easily and quickly using SATS® technology.
Great communication starts here
We will be sponsoring various seminars and clinics from time-to-time. Please check the Calendar page regularly for updates.
If you would like to rent our facilities for your event, please send us an email or call for inquiries.

People Talk:

I've never seen my horse so relaxed with anyone!

My very precious an­imals are so happy and well adjusted at King of Games Farms! Bud, Sable and Elton are treated with Love and Respect! They are well cared for by a horse owner and horse lover. I feel so comfortable and secure with the care and attention they are re­ceiving! This is the first time I have boarded in many years so to say I was ap­prehensive is an under­statement! Thank you Denis for all the special attention, consideration and for making all of us feel comfortable.

I've called Denis the horse whisperer. I've taken ad­vice from him that has worked.

Jake is loved and happy at Uncle Denis'.

This is a personalized board and care facility offering training,  lessons and care as well as hosting SATS® clinics. Personalized care and boarding by a horse owner and lover is ideal.